Catchment Area Analysis
Catchment Area Analysis

Catchment Area Analysis is a real estate geospatial tool, with a combination of innovative user interface and real estate analytics. Our Catchment Area Analysis facilitates a deeper exploration with Google Map API and PropEquity real estate data, driving faster, more accurate conclusions resulting in sound decision making. The variety of tasks that Catchment area analysis helps perform includes:

  • Supply and demand analysis for the catchment area
  • Identify GAP for product development and positioning
  • Identify the different price trend on that particular catchment
  • Identify the top selected projects available in catchment, with dig down trends
  • Identify the different residential and commercial segmentations
  • Visualization of market penetration and share of asset class on maps, and charts
  • Demographic analysis and visualization using Google map
  • Aggregates real estate transactions information

These features let our clients extract even greater value and market intelligence from our data and use the analytics effectively to evaluate investment/business opportunities. These advanced mapping capabilities enhance end-user experience and make our service stand out from the competition.

Our Key Beneficiaries include Real Estate Private Equity Funds, Developers, REITs, the Retail Industry, Banks & HNI's, Institutions, and other industries related to construction and real estate who need real time primary research and data pertaining to the Real Estate industry.

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