Realty Indices
Realty Indices

Real estate prices, both residential and commercial, have soared up in the last few years in India due to huge demand. Very strong growth has been witnessed in this sector. Many domestic and international investors have been attracted by the Indian real estate industry.

India lacks an authentic and certified real estate index. Given the immense need and significance of this opportunity, PropEquity has developed and launched India’s most comprehensive real estate index in association with some of the largest Institutions in the Country. The objective is to create an index that captures real estate pricing of residential properties across key cities and micro markets.

It is the first residential and commercial indices based on transaction prices. These indices are based on the actual transaction and registration values prevailing in various micro-markets for the residential and commercial asset classes.

PropEquity is collaborating with India's banking and finance regulatory body and the country's largest commodity exchange to develop housing starts and realty indices.

Some of the Indices that can be generated on a quarterly basis for any city and the Country as a whole are:

  • Price Segment Index:Affordable, mid and Luxury Index for any major city and the Country
  • Micro market of Region Index:for example a Andheri Index or a Western Suburbs Index
  • Macro Index:Pan India, Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities or any State Index

The indices are the barometer for measurement of real estate sector performance and will also enable trade on the exchange. These indices will eventually be traded in the Option and Futures market once the Government gives a nod for non-asset backed indexes to be traded.

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