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Advanecd 360 Collareral Risk Management

To be Successful, you must be bettet at finding opportunity while minimizing your risk

Three years after one of the biggest sub-prime crisis in history, investors still feel nervous about investments in the Real estate market due to a lack of risk assessment expertise. However, even today there are opportunities that can be maximised by taking calculated risks. Our goal is to breathe some life back into the real estate markets by helping investors spot successful opportunities of investment by minimizing risk.

PropEquity has pioneered and created India’s only Collateral Risk Management (CRM) platform that will provide total solutions to mortgage lending institutions and will be core to the functioning of all departments involved in real estate lending. The CRM product will identify and mitigate risks for the entire real estate portfolio and products on a real time basis.

PropEquity’s Collateral Risk Management tool is used by India's leading banks, financial institutions and mortgage insurers to access the most comprehensive property price information to reduce costs, streamline processes and make informed lending decisions. The fully-automated Collateral Risk Management system centralizes and streamlines complex work flows as well as the associated products, analytics and data. As a result, PE CRM delivers significant cost reductions, efficiency and productivity gains, with increases in overall review quality and accountability.

PropEquity’s Collateral Risk Management tool provides a property's current Market Price Estimate using comparable sales and sophisticated statistical modeling based on:

  • Comparable properties - type of property, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, land size and features
  • Recorded sales - comprehensive database of records dating from 2005
  • Geography - analysis from the local neighbourhood right through to city & state level
  • Confidence indicator - cross-checking with the current market trends
  • Meet regulatory requirements - BASEL II
  • Data - sliced and diced in multiple ways
  • 80 data points per project
  • Construction stage wise project photographs
  • 48 months data available – Updated on a month on month basis
  • Projects marked on Google maps

Get the Benefits of a Complete Intelligence Solution

The predictive analytics, data and intelligence technologies provided by PropEquity CRM Solutions, when combined with your expertise in pricing and execution strategies will create a true competitive advantage without a separate capital investment in data acquisition, analysis and technology.

  • Availability/Accessibility - Asset data that is easily retrieved, viewed, queried, and analyzed by anyone within a company encourages the integration of such data into every area of the company that can benefit from it, spurring both innovation and better decision-making.
  • Informed and Defensible Decisions - Highly organized, comprehensive databases allow users to drill down through successive levels of detail for an asset, supplying more information to support decisions and supporting different types of analysis using various data combinations.
  • Lower your costs
  • Mitigate your risks
  • Protect your reputation
  • Purchase more good loans
  • Stop fraud every time
  • Increase pricing accuracy
  • Confidently advance your business

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