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India's top real estate investors, equity researchers, developers & banks believe in our data & analysis for real estate decision making
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We convert raw real estate data into a visual and interactive intelligence experience that enables informed decision making in an otherwise fragmented and opaque market.
Founded in February, 2007 and among the first Real Estate Research, Data and Analytics companies in India, PropEquity combines advanced analytics expertise and decades of Consulting experience to add immeasurable value to organizations. PropEquity is the only advanced online search platform for real time data and analytics for the Indian Real Estate Industry and generates insightful analysis for all verticals under residential, commercial and retail sectors from a macro to a micro level.
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We use more than 15+ years of historical catalogued data which is ever growing to generate trends that can be mapped from history to present day.
More Than A Service, A Team Dedicated To Your Success
We have a team of Research Specialists who will work with you to identify your daily research requirements and ensure its prompt delivery, reducing your risk and suggesting best possible options in your decision making process.
Data to Understand the Real Estate Market
We put and restore order in complex datasets, cleaning, refining and structuring then in order to extract all relevant information.
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Regular Tracking

Regular tracking of more than 65000 project's Features, Construction Status, Price and Absorption movement, etc.
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Historical Data

More than 8 years of historical catalog data from 2006 onwards with Price, Absorption, Inventory trends
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Continuously compare, analyse data to make it more meaningful
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PropEquity First Time Home Buyer Show

Together on the show, CNBC and PropEquity will address the dilemma of home buyer in the current complicated real estate environment through unpretentious analytics and succinct advice.


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