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About P.E. Analytics

P.E. Analytics owns and operates PropEquity which is an online subscription based real estate data and analytics platform covering over 166,939 projects of 59,082 developers across over 44+ cities in India. We add approximately 300 projects every month. It is a premier Business Intelligence product- a first of its kind in India in the Realty space.

Our product which is backed by data and analytics empowers our users to make informed and intelligent decision based on real time data. Today more value is created from being armed with the right information that facilitates identification and execution of successful investment strategies. The data and analytics enable clients to spot market trends, generate macro/micro analytics and maximize risk-adjusted returns. The company’s clients are among the largest and most respected names in the Real Estate Private Equity Fraternity, Leading Developers, and BFSI managing assets over USD 5 billion in India.

P.E. Analytics is a company that is built on pure innovation. The products created by the company are unique in the Indian context and which have been validated through the market and with marquee customers. With these future plans already underway, PropEquity is poised for growth. The vision of the company is to create an information service enterprise through continuous innovation and integration of real time data, analytics and cutting edge technology to achieve higher transparency for all participants and beneficiaries of the Realty Sector.

We consistently strive to expand our coverage, services and operations, as well as to serve the evolving needs of our clients and capture growth opportunities in the real estate service industry.

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