APF Services
APF (Advanced Processing Facility) Services

Advanced Processing Facility is a process in which the builder projects are appraised and approved by the lending institutions. This helps the homebuyers in reinforcing their trust to invest in the chosen project with more confidence since the credibility of the developer has been thoroughly assessed. APFs will facilitate a greater number of retail disbursements in the project without having to undergo the individual legal and technical appraisal clearances. More importantly, the overall TAT in the process is shorter. This makes the home loan process for the buyers very convenient, saves them time and effort from the cumbersome task of collecting legal documents.

Various stages assessed in the process are:

  • Authenticity of the builder
  • Inspection of projects
  • Safe repayment of loans
  • Registration of projects
  • Approval by banks

Also tracking of property registration and approvals is made easier with the APF number system.

Propequity helps in the hassle free project approvals. We coordinate in the collection of legal and technical reports with minimum effort and maximum benefit. We help in reducing the TAT subsequently making the process quicker and more efficient. With our vast tie ups and expertise with most of the leading banks and NBFCs, we assist you in getting the approvals done with multiple banks through a single window. The project will thus be recognized by major banks at no processing fee, the only requirement is of the documents to be provided from the builders end. This is a systematic way where the project gets approval from all leading banks, through a single window in one go.

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