Samir Jasuja CEO of P.E. Analytics is a pioneer in founding PropEquity in the year 2007 as the only advanced online search platform for real time data and analytics for the Indian Real Estate Industry. Samir seized the opportunity in the real estate industry created by the need for accurate primary and secondary market data and provided customers this information through an online search platform. PropEquity generates analysis for all verticals under residential, commercial and retail sectors from a macro to a micro level.

Several leading funds, investment banks, institutions and developers entrust their critical information requirements to PropEquity, as a result of which the company established break even in its first year of launch and achieved profitability in the second year of operations. Having identified P.E. Analytics as a company that provides a successful and synergistic business model with deep emphasis on client engagement and increasing the client and shareholder value, one of the leading global institutional alternative asset management firms managing over USD 28 Billion of assets under management had acquired a substantial stake in the company. This association had resulted in substantial capital infusion into PropEquity which is currently catering to over 100 institutional clients and has grown from strength to strength since then. In a recent and rare promoter buy back, Samir Jasuja has bought back the entire investor stake endorsing his belief and faith in Propequity and it vision.

P.E. Analytics has strengthened its Pan India presence by broadening its product range, applying its information and analytical skills to new industry sectors, and extending its geographic reach to include over 44+ cities across India. The company continues to grow successfully through a combination of expansion into new geographic and vertical markets, product innovation and investment, and leveraging its business intelligence and common platforms to deploy new and innovative products quickly for existing and new clients.

The company is today India's GOLD Standard for real estate intelligence and services. P.E. Analytics provides data and analytical tools to more than 100 clients. From its early focus on real estate services and data analytics, P.E. Analytics now supports clients in almost every major industry, from Banking and Finance to Government and Retail.

Today, P.E. Analytics has created a growth plan that is driven by revenue generation and profitability, employee growth and development, business processes, synergistic partnering and associations and customer loyalty and satisfaction.

P.E. Analytics is a company that is built on pure innovation

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