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Real Estate Business Intelligence - Commercial, Data Statistics and Trends

Real-Estate Business Intelligence - Commercial

The Real Estate Industry in India is faced with significant challenges with respect to availability of primary and secondary market intelligence. These challenges vary from availability and consistency to sufficiency and timeliness of the information. PropEquity is pioneering to address these challenges and covers all the information you need to successfully operate in this increasingly significant asset class.

Real Estate Business Intelligence is our online subscription based service providing analytics, data and real estate research covering the Indian real-estate Industry. By leveraging our proprietary database, our clients gain access to real time information that would otherwise take months to assemble, along with the tools to search, analyze, compare, chart, and audit at a click of a button.

With over 950 Mn SqFt of ready supply precisely categorized by Grade, Institutional/Strata, leasing by Industry at building level, over 250 mn sqft of under construction supply and in depth analytics at micro market, region and city level, PropEquity's Commercial Platform is changing the way commercial real estate is analysed in India. Our commercial platform is built on not only 100000+ lease and sale registra-tion data but also enhanced extensively by over 150 survey and data analysts spread over each city to track occupancy, vacancy, construction status for over 6000+ ready and over 1000 under construction buildings making it the largest plat-form on Commercial Real Estate in India


The PropEquity Commercial Platform will aid subscribers to:

  • Gain access to over 100 Data points covered under each transaction
  • Benchmarking of rents payable by them Vs other occupants in the same building
  • Comparison of tenants Vs other occupiers in the same building
  • Details of Under Construction Projects (Unique to PE)
  • Institutional Vs Strata Breakup (Unique to PE)
  • Rental Analysis on Same building based on Areas (Unique to PE)
  • Sector Wise Break up of Absorption/Occupancy
  • Within Sector break up between Global Captive Centres and Domestic (Unique to PE)
  • Maximum No of Leases/Registration Data that is more than 30 Percent com-pared to any other product available in India
  • Data on expiring leases for lead generation
  • Extremely responsive Client Engagement Support experienced and appreciat-ed by over 170 institution across the country( Unique to PE)
  • 100% Stacking of Any Building on request (Unique to PE)
  • Historical Variations in Rent of the same building (Year wise And Area Wise )
  • Cutting Edge Analytics making slicing and dicing possible in any way ( Unique to PE)
  • Over 100000 Leases - with over 50000 active leases
  • ~950 Million sqft of building wise micro data with over 50 data points for each building (more than any IPC as well) - (Unique to PE)
  • Maximum No of Buildings Covered - More than 40 percent compared to any other product in the market - (Unique to PE)
  • Customised Research and On ground Capabilities - The PE team has the abil-ity to procure all information or registration data required on a building (in over 80 % queries raised) (Unique to PE)

Our Key Beneficiaries include Real Estate Private Equity Funds, Developers, REITs, the Retail Industry, Banks & HNI's, Institutions, and other industries related to construction and real estate who need real time primary research and data pertaining to the Real Estate industry.

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